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I veer to the left, I veer to the right,

naught inside can hide from the fright.

I steer my direction into disconnection,

my mind becomes my deep addiction.

I think of this, I think of that,

I think and think until I'm sat.

Sat in front of judgement,

the judgement of my own.

The trial never ending,

it never finds its goal.

Tribunal of the wicked little demons of my mind.

I see my inner sickness manifest on the outside.

I scream and shout who's right and wrong,

it never goes to bed.

No wonder why control is strong,

it's constantly been fed.

Fed by illusions,

held by intrusions,

by the diffusion

of separation.

Within my mind boxes are made,

my union fragmented.

Nature within slowly fades,

my dual eyes cemented.

They made me rigid, rigid and cold,

stagnation holds me back.

Holds me back from being bold

and trust that love is packed.

Packed behind the right and wrongs,

where all simply is.

No need for judgment in this realm,

it's where we find our bliss.

No need to look for anything but accept what be,

I believe it is the way I truly can be free.

Free from made up rigid space and dead reality,

I veer into the middle of this mad duality

topic requested by "Badmilk"


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