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My name is Zoléna. I write poetry

and I would love to do it for you!

About anything you wish!

Well... almost anything. 

Even though I may be an infinite being,

I still reside within the constraints of finite reality.

For example, I do not want to write in ill will against any being.

But most things, I will write about... Love, hate, light, dark,
your soggy sink...

or perhaps about a lovely person you've just met,
or why not the dualistic nature of our mind?!

You name it, I'll write it! 

Language wise,
you can choose between an English and a Swedish poem
and a letter will be sent to your home.

So, Simply send me an email to 

with the topic of your choice and we will see what comes through!


It is all pay by donation,
which can be made

Oh! And I also wrote a book, make dance videos and music!

Should you have a tune I might want to dance to 

and create a video for, my doors are open!

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