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Zoléna was born in Azeroth within the computer game World of Warcraft.


I am her as she is I.


Currently, I – we – hold poetry ceremonies in WoW. Outside of that game, I sometimes take requests. Sometimes I sell a book. Sometimes I make a dance video. Sometimes I do nothing, which is also something.


Should you need me as a poet at a festival or a market, send me an email and we'll work something out!!

Should you be interested in receiving my occasional musings and news when I publish something new on this page, sign up at the bottom!



I wrote, illustrated and did the layout for a wild adventure called A Link to the Soul: Seasonal Journeys Through Culture, Poetry and Mystery.


Have a closer look by clicking the book cover to the right.



Explorations of my mind, heart and soul. I send out these monthly(ish) through the newsletter you can subscribe to at the bottom of the webpage.

I love writing these, and I would love sharing them with you, should you be interested. You can read past ones here.




Feel like a poem? I'll write one about anything you wish!

Well... almost anything. Even though I may be an infinite being, I still reside within the constraints of finite reality.

For example, I do not want to write in ill will against any being. But most things, I will write about: love, hate, light, dark, your soggy sink ... or perhaps about a lovely person you've just met?

Another idea is to surprise someone special to you. How lovely to receive a poem out of the blue! For these, we might need to go through more details if it's about someone's personality.

Language wise, you can choose between an English and a Swedish poem. Either a physical or a digital poem works.

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Dance Videos

Photo: Linnea Sandberg (Instagram: linneasandberget)

Poetry Ceremonies

In Azeroth (on the server Argent Dawn), I have the pleasure and honor to hold a space for other creative souls who enjoy sharing the written word. Click the image for a little gallery of a world I hold dear to my heart.

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