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Dear Curious Soul,


I wrote a book.


It's about a human's (my own) journey
throughout the seasons 
of one full cycle of this planet.

My initial intention was to put some of my poetry

into a physical space and share it with you.

Two and a half years later,

the book turned into

something way more than just poetry.

I've hired a professional editor and also a proofreader

who've helped making it a neater reading experience.

A printing company has printed it.

The rest is me, including lots of artwork.

I don't want to say much more about it.

Enough is said on its cover, 

and through the discovery-video below.

The book will find its

way to you if it's meant to.

If you feel my art,

you feel my heart.

Because it's yours.

Zolénas Poetry Logo Wax without background_edited.png
A Link to the Soul

Author: Zoléna's Poetry

Book La
yout: Zoléna's Poetry

Pages: 636 (drawings included)

Weight: 870g


Format: Pocket (A5: 210x148mm)

Publisher: Zoléna's Poetry

Date of publ.: 2023-09-02

Language: English 


Option # 1


SEK  ​


Option # 2

Poetry and Secrets






(what you're paying for)




Option # 1:


A printed book. Editors. Marketing. Video editing. Book Layout and cover design. Countless hours of thought, my heartfelt meanderings and bewilderment in a confusing world. Drawings galore, mystery adored, and my madness brought a little closer to shore. Joy!

Option # 2:

For this price, along with Option # 1, you will receive a poem (in Swedish or English) on a topic of your choice (If you want, I can choose the topic for you). The poem comes in a sealed letter along with some secret musings. This option will also bring me the luxury of getting to write wonderful words to you. Mega joy!

Bonus option:

If you're feeling like the prices above are too high for you at this time in your life but still really feel like you want to take part in this journey, send me an email and we can talk about setting a lower price.

Payment Method:




People living in Sweden: Swish or bank account. People living outside of Sweden: paypal or transfer directly to bank account. Send me an email with your details and which option you choose (if option # 2, along with your topic of choice). Arrangements will be made through our email exchange. I'll notify you when your gift has been sent.

Shipping is not included in price. The whole process is done by me, so the good old Amazon-free-shipping-receive-it-the-next-day-to-your-bathroom isn't possible. If you live on the moon, the postal service will charge more and it will take longer 
(around two weeks or so, but it's trackable so it won't get lost in space).
If you are my neighbor, I'll hand it over myself (unless you really, really want it to go through the postal service).


I have decided to halfway meet those who want something else to go on before investing in this journey. A little hand to hold, if you will. But be aware—your expectations will be skewed 

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