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Breaking Free

I hear your words,

they pierce my mind,

they spiral me into the herds.

The herds of currents in my being,

those that I have spent not seeing.

The waves of anger I've suppressed,

all to wear a pretty dress.

All so you could say I'm fine,

all so you could say I'm fine.

But I am not that...

...I am not fine...

I've spent my life trying to hide.

Hide from that which lies within,

hide from that which cries from sin,

thinking I was not allowed,

all so I'd fit with the crowd.

I am done not feeling,

I am done not seeing,

I am done neglecting voices of my inner being.

Done with being oh so proper,

time to shine and time to prosper.

A no is no,

a yes is yes,

I'm done with rigid games of chess.

A show to glow,

and find my voice,

and finally see I have choice.

Choice to feel, choice to think,

choice to question why we sink.

Sink into the stories told,

by those who us want to control.

But I am done with silence now,

feel my force and hear me growl.

So, when I hear your words again,

they can no longer bring me pain.

My mind is clear, heart open wide,

I spiral out and breathe with stride.

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1 Comment

Patrik Nygren
Patrik Nygren
Nov 03, 2023

Den här berörde mig. Tack Zolena. Hälsningar Patrik

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