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What was that thing you did,

as child with playful ease?

It might just be your key

to that which sets you free.

To that which brings you life,

to that which beams your soul.

To that which helps the strife

and helps you reach the goal.

The goal that is your heart,

so you can love yourself.

And not be split apart

and bring to you your hell.

Was it telling stories?

Was it running fast?

Was it dancing glories?

Was it dreaming vast?

Perhaps you liked to paint,

or songs where of your creed?

Perhaps someone would taint

that which was your need?

So maybe you closed down,

said "this is not for me."

And so you sew a gown,

no longer were you free.

You hid behind a mask,

so you could fit in,

fearing your own task

calling from within.

Now it's time to breathe,

now it's time to see,

now it's time to free

inner childish need.

That child is calling you

to rise and play again.

Your heart knows what to do

to cleanse your inner pain.

So, my child, my love,

use that playful key.

Your fears you'll rise above,

and finally be free.

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