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You. Yes. I am writing to you. You whose eyes gaze upon these words. You whose eyes gaze upon these words. You might wonder where this is going. You might wonder, what is this showing? It's showing everything you want it to show... ...everything and nothing... ...all at once. Come to think of it, writing these words is more like a dance. My thoughts and words printed, simultaneously emerge. Just like an arm swung as the body spins, so the path of these words I do not predict. Predict to land anywhere in particular, but before the eyes of their beholder. The one gazing upon them. The one analyzing them. The one feeling them. The one ignoring them. The one hating them. The one loving them. Whatever you might feel and think... ...there is not much I want to say with them... ...other than you are enough. Whether you do everything, whether you do nothing, whether you do some... Your existence is always enough.

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