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Going Down

Let me tell you a story, a story of Mind.

Let me tell you a story

where we have gone blind.

A story that goes into the dark

but I'll try to bring it to light with a spark.

But to get there, we have to feel,

the pain we have gained...that which is real.

That which lies beneath the layers,

that which thrives on lack of prayers.

Prayers of Light and Trust and Heart,

we've gone into Mind that tore us apart.

We've thought and we've thought

and we've thought and we've thought.

Rarely we stopped and asked where it brought.

Where it brought our feet on the ground,

we flew too close to the sun to astound.

To progress and progress above Mother Earth,

and widen the plains of Mind's rigid girth.

So, we turned into black and white,

lost the gray in between this fight.

So, we lost the stars in the night,

so we could gain even more might.

But oh what a folly,

solutions made issues.

Oh good golly,

it's all in the tissues.

The Mind it split from body and spirit,

went so high it no longer could hear it.

Hear the calls of Heart and Love,

all it wanted was further above.

Further ahead into its abstractions,

further away with pleasure distractions.

Instead of feeling the beating inside,

the unconditional beating we hide.

Our Mother is screaming, "Go have a look!

Go have a look at what it was that shook!"

That which shook us when new to this world

and why into abstractions we hurled.

Why we wouldn't feel our pain,

why we obsessed with what we could gain.

Why we feel life is so rough,

why we feel like we're not enough...

So let's turn it around!

let's all us astound!

let's go into ground...

...and know that we're bound!

Bound with Love and Light within,

acknowledge all the pain we're in.

Allow it all and know no sin,

Brothers and Sisters - all our kin.

Cry our tears,

face our fears,

put the mind in the rear.

Let the Heart guide our path

and we'll forgive our inner wrath.

So that one day we'll drop the Mind,

we'll see the Light and pull the blinds.

We'll drop ideas of Us and Them,

and truly see from where we stem.

Come home and land in heart so whole,

give some rest to your Mind.

Drop the stories that you hold,

you're enough my love, my child.

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