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Heart Age

Beneath the shackles of our pain,

lie the key to all.

Over and over and over again,

we stumble and we fall.

We stumble on our fears,

our fears of living full.

We know the path of tears

unveiled when blinds are pulled.

Pulled from our heart,

that beats with no demand.

The mind tear us apart,

when rigid fears are grand.

Fears of connection,

fears of dissection,

fears of direction

into interjection.

From that which awaits

all of us inside.

Infinity a trait,

we all share in life.

The limitless reality,

we could realise.

The endless beating industry,

of Universe's guise.

We think and think until we're blind,

and feelings they are naught.

A rigid world, so unkind,

is what it all has brought.

But there are those who take the fight

and accept their pain.

And when they do, lit is a light,

and heart is felt again.

One day our shackles are unbound,

and fear of life is gone.

One day our hearts will all be found

and a new age dawn.

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