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Hearty Songs

We're stuck in right and wrong,

it's tearing us apart.

We sing this rigid song,

far away from heart.

Heart it knows what's here,

it doesn't feed the fear,

it's always to us dear,

and beats without our steer.

But our minds get stuck in two,

in polar worlds of I and You,

it separates the One into

boxes that it thinks are true.

Below the surface of distractions,

of our rigid, cold abstractions,

of our quick fix fast attractions

lie the honest interactions.

The ones of heart to heart,

where "I" will fall apart.

Identities depart,

where we can freshly start.

Start to see each other,

and that which us bother.

Acknowledge our pain,

together face the rain.

See what's right for you,

might not be right for me.

It's okay to choose,

that which sets us free.

Free to love,

free to sing,

rise above,

the rigid drink.

Perhaps one day reality,

is more than right and wrong.

Perhaps one day duality,

will shatter by our song.

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