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The masks I wear,

pretending all is well...pretending all is swell.

But behind it all sits a child.

One that cries for the love it needed.

On that day. In that moment.

When it shut down. In self defense.

Because times were hard.... it closed up.

And it decided on a mask.

To hide behind.

To create a mind.

A mind that steered away.

A mind that said "Nay!"

"Nay" to the heart and its perilous feelings,

"Nay" to the part of miraculous being.

A mask to say, "I am Okay."

But in the real, the child would feel...

...the need for love.

The need for a hug.

The need to feel safe

and the need to play.

To play with this world, so harsh and cold.

To stay in this world and feeling bold.

If only this smiling mask could wither,

all would see my face.

Perhaps the world would find a sliver

of my loving space.

But I am not well,

and I am not swell.

The mask it lies,

and hides the cries.

The cries from child who wasn't heard,

it's time to invite him to this world.

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