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The masks we use they come and go,

we use them when they're needed.

What we need remember is to not let us get seeded.

Seeded by the superficial quality they grow,

identity is part of our ever playing show.

A show that helps us forth in life and give us what we need,

but if there's too much weight to it our heart will surely bleed.

For what resides behind your mask is what truly is,

matters little what it says when reaching for your bliss.

The mask can say you're this, you're that and play its many games,

beware of how much you attach to all its rigid frames.

Ideas of who you are can never match what truly is,

limitation comes with such and may just hurt your bliss.

So use your masks with gentle care and let them change with you,

let them join the flow and just like you be born anew.

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