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Rest in Unrest

In a time of unease, there is also rest. If we find what us please, it will calm unrest. The unrest of what's uncertain, comes the need for what's important. Our dire need is that we love, and shine so bright and rise above. Rise above the darkness days, rise above the rigid plays. Allow, allow and do say nay, to resistance of these plays. The plays of that which brings us down, the plays of that which makes our gown. Our gown of separation, and that of indignation. To see unification, heals our shattered nation. Go on an expedition into your inner space. Enjoy your extradition when your heart you embrace. For when you do, you'll turn into, just one, not two, and see the Who. The Who who has been guiding you, the Who who has been hiding you, the Who who has been riding you, it was you all along. The You that's Me and everyone in this ride that we are on. Know unease and you'll be One, with life and death, unrest begone.

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