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The Trap

We need to leave this place,

it's eating our brains.

We need to leave this place,

poisoning our veins.

With stress acquired from its words,

digress required from its herds.

Its herds of minds and thoughts we grind,

the mainly things in here we find...


...abstractions, distractions from what is real,

attraction and traction to our fears.

Harvested brains for data galore,

so we can all replace our core.

Replace it with robotic stink,

this social media tonic we drink.

This social media tonic we drink,

this social media poison we think.

Division it's made of,

and such we become.

Envision what happened

if we said "Begone!"

Perhaps we would experience more,

and not fill our brains galore.

Fill them with the abstract realm,

fill them with its contract spelled.

We shape our tools,

they shape us back,

no wonder we are caught in trap.

The trap of Social Media,

where we thought we'd meet.

Disconnection lies behind the codes we let us treat.

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