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Union Born


Once again it has been done!

Once again it has been done!

A Choice!

Once again it is allowed!

Once again it is allowed!


This breaker of barriers of our fears,

it flows beneath illusions.

This shaker of carriers of our tears,

it shows our sweetly fusion.

If we let it, all is well,

if we shut it, all is hell.

Allowing all breaks the spell,

of the petty stories held.

Now the stars are aligned,

we feel a home at ease.

Love it flows and love it shines,

two souls are now at peace.

For they have found each other,

in this hectic world.

Vowed from now until forever,

that their hearts are heard.

I crossed their paths on many planes,

some of them forgotten.

We shared our stories, laughed and brained,

inspiration was begotten.

Nebula and Mahin has found themselves in love,

it flies into the world through a peaceful dove.

Hooray for this union that love has put together!

Hooray for this union and its future endeavour!

For once again it has been done,

Love has been allowed.

Once again it has begun,

our world it will endow.

topic requested by Avatar Dongle

Hope your day is wonderful, Mahin and Nebula! <3

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